How to make S’mores correctly

August 27, 2007 at 7:46 pm (Of interest to Foodies)

perfectsmore2First of all, you’ve got to have the right environment.

At home in front of the stove is ok, but really you should be out tent camping. Near your fire, place a rock that’s got a relatively flat surface on it somewhere, and face the flatish surface up, but tilted a bit toward the fire. Ideallly, the rock should be just a little less than 12″ from the fire itself. Pretty close, but not in the fire.

Next, you need a good long marshmallow roasting fork. (The 3 listed here are all awesome. Come on, get serious with your s’mores gear!)

Place your chocolate on one half of a graham cracker. One square if you like the flavor of the marshmallow and cracker, three or four if you don’t care what else is on it, this is CHOCOLATE wperfectsmoree’re talkin’ about, here. They say the hot marshmallow melts your chocolate. Don’t believe a word of that riff-raff. Carefully (and quickly) place your cracker with chocolate onto your hot rock near the fire. If it’s the correct distance from the flames/coals, then your chocolate should be melted, but your cracker not burned, about the same time as you’re finished roasting your marshmallow.

Roast that marshmallow! I prefer them golden brown and delicious, others like to roast them for a minute, then make them catch on fire, blow them out, then they’re done. Carbon quantities aside, it’s gooey marshmallowy goodness, either way.

Tap the top of your chocolate gently with a roasting fork to test for meltedness. If the chocolate is soft, rescue your graham cracker, using a roasting fork to help you, if you can’t stand the heat (pff!) and get it up and into your hand, or onto a napkin. Smoosh your big puffy marshmallow on the top of it, and then (optionally!) place another cracker on top of that.

I say ‘optionally‘ because, really, if you try to eat it that way, physics dictate that it will googe everywhere. If you eat it ‘open faced’ with only your bottom graham, you’ll have less sugary-goo-fallout. (You want it all in your face, don’t you?)

cutesmore#1 thing to remember: Melt that chocolate! It’s just not a great S’more, else.

(exceptions are made only for those who grew up eating them with hard crunchy chocolate, and prefer them that way due to fond memories. My condolences. )


This adventurous person went through considerable pain to make smores in her own home, and documented the process for us, along with instructions! Guppie prospects, picks, and traps her s’mores components.

SmoresBadgeSome marshmallow and S’mores History Favorite quote from this page: “(Incidentally, people who claim to prefer them black, are covering for their inability to achieve the uniform brown toasting of the perfect marshmallow.)” ….Oh yeah.

Zomigosh lazy: Spinning marshmallow roasting sticks

S’mores at the fair? A s’mores-making machine.

A S’more so gourmet as to be no longer recognizable. Upscale. Elegant. Timeless. Not a S’more.

Definitely the weirdest and most random s’mores related site I found: I think he likes bikes…

Lol patented United States Patent 20060193967

This is rather priceless: A Tesla coil, zapping a marshmallow. Mmm, sparkalicious.

peeps smores sacrelige

Ok, s’mores are mentioned somewhere in the bowels of this page, but the graphic at the top is just too weird not to share. Ummm, yeah.

S’mores made with peeps?! Sacrilege! ——->

Ok! All done. Wow, that ate up like, a whole evening! Jolly good.



  1. Nicolas Ward said,

    I like my smores cruncheh!!!

  2. Rhayne said,

    You know…I’ve never had a smore.


  3. Sy said,


    Ok, Rhayne, Me and you is goin’ campin.

    …..Kjall can’t come. ….crunchy chocolate… Pfft!

  4. Jessica said,


  5. Spring Joy said,

    I had the best time camping this last weekend and found the best recipe for S’mores! This is the most amazing sugar inducing coma producing thing ever. This was the order of the layers.

    Chocolate Chip/ Peanut butter Cookie
    Peanut butter cup
    Chocolate Chip/ Peanut butter Cookie

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