The Time Fountain

August 27, 2007 at 1:44 pm (Oddly Intriguing, Tech Geekery, Uncategorized)

The Time Fountain Vid opener picSo I ran into The Time Fountain while researching Miracle Fruit, and it happened to be a week prior to my 7th Anniversary, so after checking it out, I got ahold of Nate True who invented and makes them, and found out that he lives not 80 miles away from me! He mailed it off, (In economical kit form) and I got it the next day. Kanten is extremely excited about soldering it, and getting it all put together. I’ll have to post updates on the process, and post lots of pictures and videos of the finished product! Kanten even has a neat idea of how to jazz it up a little, to make it a little more presentable to have sitting around the house, he’s really getting into it!

The Time Fountain is a device that includes a small water pump, which powers a dripper, that drips at a very regular rate. In addition, strobe lights flash at extremely fast speeds, illuminating the drops at exact frequencies. The results are stunning, especially because the water is colored with florescent dye, and the strobe lights are UV LED’s. ^_^ The lights can be manipulated to cause the droplets to appear to be frozen in space, to drip in slow motion, and even to drip backwards. This will be a very neat conversation piece that will interest all ages and types. I think I’m going to love it, too!

More updates and links soon.

Mini-update 8/28/07: Kanten spent another loooong chunk of time last night, messing with the assembly – I’m thinking we’ll have it up and working tonight! We’ll definitely be taking videos.

Mini-update 9/5/07: Well, we’re working on getting the last few kinks out, but I think we’ve almost got it! Kanten has the T.F. at work, and he’ll be bringing it home hopefully tonight. Possible videos coming soon!


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