Sweet Website: del.icio.us

August 28, 2007 at 9:48 am (My Propaganda, Sweet Websites, Web 2.0 Must-haves)

del.icio.us is a web-based bookmark repository that you can make private or public. Many of the blog-hosting sites and other networking places have widgets and tools that integrate directly with your del.icio.us bookmarks, e.g., the column on the right of this blog shows my most recently saved public bookmarks titles.

You can give your entries tags, so you can find them quickly later, or be shown a certain category of things. I can click on “cooking” and get all the links that I’ve tagged with that word shown to me instantly.

No, this doesn’t have anything to do with del.icio.us. Ah well.There are handy browser quicklinks that you can use to efficiently “tag” websites to make them a bookmark, and you can enter your own custom description, edit the name of the link, and apply your tags right on the spot. Another neat feature, is that if you select some text on the page, before you hit ‘tag this for del.icio.us’, it will place that text into your custom description field, saving you typing time. It’s great.

You can also have a special tag with your friend’s username in it, and that bookmark will also be sent to the “Incoming bookmarks for review” section of their del.icio.us page, so you can quickly and easily share your bookmarks with others. In addition, you can have a ‘network’ where you can view the latest bookmarks of any person you choose, as long as they have their collection marked public.

Since it’s web-based, you’re never without your bookmarks, and because of the tagging system, you can bookmark everything with abandon, without fear of bloating/cluttering up your browser’s bookmark list. del.icio.us deserves a look! ‘guildmistress’ is my username, if you want to look me up/connect to me on del.icio.us!

(check it out, I did that whole post, and not one pun. /flex)



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