Fun with bleach and clothing

September 5, 2007 at 6:24 pm (Uncategorized)

Jesse and Brenda Ferguson of, HiddenFrameProductions, and often featured on under the username “jesse”, have made some awesome shirts using stencils, common household items etc., and bleach! Here are some examples. They use a fine-misting bottle filled with a 50/50 blend of bleach and water, after which they throw the item in the wash alone with just a little soap. Their ideas are keen! Have a look…

gearsshirt.png tealhoodie.png

pennyshirt.png keyshirt.png


Is that not the sweetest thing you’ve ever seen? This is making my brain fire off all these half-ideas, I hope I come up with something neat, too! I’ll sure share, if I do. Here’s the link to their site that shows all their cool shirts: Cool Bleach Shirts

When I was a young kid, I remember taking a pair of teal colored canvas shoes, a toothbrush, and a bottle of bleach outside and kinda scrubbing some patterns into them with the toothbrush. My parents were a little taken aback, (How did I get ahold of bleach at that age, anyways?) and after the usual warnings about bleach, told me that the chemical might actually eat the cloth of the shoe, too. They held up fine, as I recall, but I always remembered what they’d said about bleach possibly disintegrating fabrics, so ideas like this, when I thought of them later in life, never really stuck, because “well, it would probably damage the [item].” But now that I know that it really works, in practice, I can break out the toothbrush and try again, woo! It’s not so different than bleaching a white t-shirt, is it? Shouldn’t have any disintegration problems. ^_^

Edit: Do you have ideas of things to use to make cool bleach shirts? They used gears, pennies, keys…. Post your ideas of what would look cool as comments under this post!



  1. Ego (Whiska) said,


    That’s so cool. I wonder if I have…I DO! I have three plain shirts that I only wear inside now anyway.

    I am so going to try this. yes I am.

  2. Sy said,

    /cheer! I’ve got to think of some things to try! The only thing that I’ve come up with so far is some sort of paper cutout that looks like the face of one of my characters.. Hmm.. Sykora or Fel probably…. /ponder

  3. Sy said,

    Hmm, how about a food shirt, with cutlery, plates, maybe some kind of recognizable food?

  4. Ego (Whiska) said,

    I dunno, I’ll have to glance around. The plate and cutlery could be a lot of fun, just finding recognizeable flat food that might be a problem. Hmmm

  5. Spring Joy said,

    WOOW this is so neat!

    LEAVES!!!! they work well for other projects too.

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