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September 5, 2007 at 2:54 pm (Sweet Websites, Tech Geekery, Web 2.0 Must-haves)

instructables.pngContinuing my series of DIY sites, is a great one.

They have a guided tour introduction page with some of their best instructables: Guided Tour

Some examples of Instructables’ …..instructables:

These are beautiful:


LED Lighted Ice Globes for almost-free

Some of the things are pretty involved projects, with lots of steps, like:


Bind your own Hardbound Books

And some have a high ‘cool’ factor:


Cheap, Good-quality Shuriken/Throwing Stars


One of the most awesome sections of Instructables is the “Not Liable” section, where instructables for things that the website doesn’t want you trying at home, but acknowledges that you might, anyway. Bunch of wacky stuff in there. It’s so much fun to read! Like the above, and also this one:
The Giant Match



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  1. gryphondrake said,

    I LOVE INSTRUCTABLES! especially the weaponry stuff (the COOL factor)… hahaha ive been into it since last year.

    ~gryphondrake @

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