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September 5, 2007 at 1:05 pm (Sweet Websites, Tech Geekery)

Since we’re on the subject of cool tech geekery, enter: Make Magazine! This is a real, paper & ink magazine, but they have a very thriving ezine, and blog, making it plenty accessible without ordering the mag, if you don’t read mags. In short, they are about making things. All sorts of things! Mechanical, Electrical, Circuit-board stuff, Art-things, Hacking, and lots more. They have an RSS feed on their blog that’s pretty interesting, and very active! Here’s some examples to whet your appetite!


Dude sends robot to work in his place

“I’m really surprised that telepresence/telerobotics hasn’t caught on more than it has. IRobot was R&Ding this tech nearly a decade ago. And the tools to make it happen have only gotten cheaper and more widely distributed. In this story, reverberating around the Interwebs, Ivan Bowman, a computer programmer, works from his living room in Nova Scotia, while his “robot” (basically a remotely-controlled computer on wheels) named “IvanAnywhere” motors around the offices of his employer, iAnywhere Solutions, over 830 miles away, in Waterloo. As with the iRobot experiences and those of others who’ve played with tele-robotic presence since, co-workers soon forget that they’re talking to a mobile coat rack and act as if Bowman is actually there. IvanAnywhere has even attended company parties.” (click image for full size)

Autobat- Berlin Hacker Spaces

A sculpture from the article: Berlin Hacker Spaces

Book Sculpture

A book sculpture from Old Books Sculptures


Smoke Fish Art!

Art – Composite Smoke Female form & Fish and hook made of smoke! From Smoke Photography


DIY Segway! from the above mentioned article


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  1. UltraNurd said,

    Oh yeah, Make is awesome. I’ve thought about subscribing, but I have not the time (nor the laboratory) for such pursuits.

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