Awesome Artist: Jimmy Pickering

September 6, 2007 at 7:40 pm (Art, Oddly Intriguing)

Jimmy Pickering is an amazing artist, and his stuff is a style that my hubby and I really adore. Here are some examples of his work to whet your appetite! All images are the property of Jimmy Pickering.

pickeringexample4.png pickeringexample1.png

pickeringexample3.png pickeringexample2.png

This is what one person had to say about him:

Amanda thought I’d like Jimmy Pickering’s work. And she’s right. Jimmy’s work is delightfully fun and spooky. I like his character design, and sure enough, I found out that he went to Cal Arts. He’s done work for Hallmark, Disney and Universal — he even created the “Cat in the Hat” Rose Parade float at one point. He currently is illustrating children’s books and often shows his work in galleries. In fact, you can see a sample of his work at Lunar Boy Gallery, if you’re curious.

His website is located here: Jimmy Pickering, It has many examples of the art in his children’s books.

A site where you can see beautiful, large examples of his work is here: Shannon Associates: Jimmy Pickering

A gallery he co-founded that has more examples of his work: Lunar Boy Gallery, Astoria, WA

I visited that gallery, and it was absolutely the cutest ever. A quick google search might uncover more. Please note that Jim Pickering is someone else.

When I have the means to decorate my home as I choose, I intend to procure some Pickerings! Wewt!


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  1. Ego (Whiska) said,

    <3 I totally linked this to my favorite artist – Ursula Vernon. is her website.

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