So, I’m organizing a tent camping trip for 40ish people…

September 7, 2007 at 6:07 pm (My Outings, World of Warcraft)

campingrainier.png I’ve decided to take my guild camping. At Mt. Rainier National Park, near Seattle, WA. I am very familiar with the place, I visit 1-2 times a year.

Complication #1: There’s 155 people in my guild, playing 344 characters.

So I’m thinking, based on the interest I’ve heard voiced so far, and the fact that some of them will be bringing a sig. other or friend, that I may have 40ish people show up. Maybe more. O_o
campingresistgear.png I love to organize and plan things. Particularly events. I love trying to imagine every little detail, and make it the best it can be, make it very special, high quality, unique.

I also love camp food. Good camp food. So the idea of coordinating the food is especially delightful. I’m supposed to have more expendable cash by then, so I won’t be getting garden-variety anything if I can help it. I’d try to make the details, right down the the hot chocolate, to be delicious and hi-quality.

I’ve got a whole year to plan this out, shop for stuff, research the bestest foodz, pick up a few dozen more campfire forks… *chuckle*

campingparadise.pngComplication #2: Getting them all to and from the airport(s).

Some will be coming in to SEA-TAC, just south of Seattle. And others may be coming in to Bellingham, which looks like a good hour-and-some north of Seattle. Ack. And they’ll be coming in all at different times, likely…. Oh, and the campground is a good two hours from Seattle. Yikes. Gonna have to work hard to figure that one out.

But no matter the complications, I’m wildly excited about this, and it should be way lots of fun.


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