A WoW-themed Bleach shirt: Success! [/flex]

September 8, 2007 at 10:09 pm (Crafting, World of Warcraft)


/flex is one of my favorite wow emotes. Often, the programmers made this emote way over-the-top, and funny to watch. It’s also rather instantly recognizable in silhouette, which made it a good subject for this shirt.

I wanted to print out stencils and cut them out, and I found some semi-card-stock around the house. After printing and the long and tiring chore of cutting them all out with scissors and X-acto knives, I sprayed the backs of them with Spray Adhesive and let it dry for 15 minutes, so it would form a temporary-only bond with the shirt. By using this method, I hoped to retain some of the finer details of hair, bones, fingers, etc.

And it worked! Oh my, it worked! I didn’t even let the shirt dry completely before ripping it out of the dryer to take pictures.

Click the pics to see bigger versions!
Cutting out the complicated shapes with the X-acto knife made my hand hurt, but every bit of detail showed up on the finished product, so all the hurt was worth it! ^_^
I laid it out in Illustrator after capturing the silhouettes in WoW Model Viewer on my PC, and then Printed some out to do a dimensions test. Everything checked out, so I printed on the cardstock and got cutting. And now, the finished product!wowshirtscreen.jpg
This is the back side…wowshirtbackwide.jpg
And this is the front!

It still smells a little like bleach, which drives me nuts, but this shirt will get washed with every load of wash I do for a couple weeks, and that should really take the edge off.  (EDIT: I wasned it a couple times and now there is no trace of bleachy smell at all.) I just LOVE it! The details turned out so nice, and I even like the bleach splashes and smudges on the sleeves, it looks so DIY! Hehe. I’m now trying to think of another idea for a shirt…. maybe I could do my jeans!

I welcome your comments! ^_^

Edit: Much better pictures now! Also, this shirt got featured on Make Magazine’s blog! I r famus nao. ^_^ Make’s write up of this shirt, wewt! They saw it because I listed it here: Cre.ations.net




  1. Rich said,

    YAY! That’s an awesome shirt, I’ll take 7!

  2. Oreet said,


    I love that shirt. Great job :D

  3. Sarah Chiang said,

    I love it, Sy! <3

  4. Nicolas Ward said,

    So, I didn’t look at this entry yesterday, but the last thing I saw on my computer before I went to bed was your away message linking to it.

    Which means, of course, that I had a dream about the t-shirt.

    I forget some of the details, but it was pink and involved night elves, and I was a meanie and rejected it for being “too girly”, and felt all guilty about it.

  5. Sy said,

    zomigosh Kjall so meen!

  6. Ego said,

    oman, that’s too awesome.

    How long did it take you? How much would you charge to do this for other people?

  7. Sy said,

    Lol! Well, I’d love to make some for others, and the ‘fee’ would be either non-existent or just a small donation to cover shipping. ^_^ It’d actually be really fun to take ‘orders’, especially for buddies who I know will enjoy it! *hee*

    Oh, and this one took me… ummm… well, there were so many to cut out, prolly liiiike…4 hours? ish?
    But I still have the cut-outs! And they’re all curly from being wet, but methinks I can save them. o_o

  8. Ego said,

    I is be emailering you.

  9. Sy said,


  10. Kanten said,

    I see lots of beefy muskels.

    You know, a /dance themed shirt would be pretty sweet too. Like snap shots that would be like frames of a certain race/gender dance that goes around the shirt. =P

  11. Sy said,


  12. Oreet said,


    Where is the male troll /flex???

    /e is one angry Troll.

  13. Sy said,

    It’s there! it’s right in the middle of the, uh….. the screenshot of my computer screen? >_>

  14. Deandra Morocco said,

    check it out

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