Cool Artist: amon’s Animangles!

September 8, 2007 at 12:05 pm (Art)

animanglesmoosquirrel.pngI discovered amon‘s Animangles last year, it was Neldereth’s fault! He was spreading the gospel of the Moosquirrel, calling all to cower before it in fear and veneration! His gmail jabber availability messages and pictures centered around the Moosquirrel for so long, I just had to ask him about it. And, after swearing eternal fealty to the great and venerable Moosquirrel, he told me about amon’s site, that showcased his Animangles!

animanglesboat.pngHe creates new animals from photos of existing ones. Some of them are ‘realistic’ looking, while others fail to hit the mark, but overall, it’s a very enjoyable visual experience. I tend to prefer some of the older images, on the final 3-4 pages. You’ll flip through 9 or 10 pages of images, being thrilled and disappointed by turns, quite possibly bookmarking along the way. =) He has stopped updating the site, for more than a year now, I think. It’s really too bad. Don’t forget to bookmark it with!animanglesflamingcow.pnganimanglesllama.png


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