Design concept: Holy Cow! Tauren Paladin

September 12, 2007 at 12:14 pm (Crafting, World of Warcraft)



ALL the credit for this design concept goes to Daxos, ok? Every bit. I would never think of a pun this bad. Heh. This is pretty cheezy, but it’s cute and it’s meant to be a quick gift for a friend, and if someone else happens to like it, well then ok. This is a good example of a design concept that doesn’t appeal to me personally, but that I can take on as a challenge despite that, and do all I can to come up with something workable. I built him using WowModelViewer and a simple image-editing program, since I was away from my home computer.

Just had to show it off! Also I have a printed/pen-and-ink version that has some shiney bits to help it look like a Pally Bubble, thusly:


The above is an earlier version, but it has the bubbleshine. I added this by taking a cellphone picture of it, and then fanagling it into the image using the magic wand selection tool, resizing, and some brightness/contrast wrangling.

I’m considering changing a few things:

  • Changing the way the black/white horn looks.
  • Cutting off the bottom bit of the bubble, at his feet, maybe adding ground? Maybe not?
  • Adding a seal over his head, instead of a halo? Hmm.

(For those who don’t play WoW, part of the gimmick here is that the Tauren race is devoid of “Paladins”, it simply cannot be. )

Any thoughts? ^_^




More Update:

I printed and cut this tonight! Tomorrow night I’ll be busy, so either tomorrow morning or Friday sometime, I’ll be making the actual shirt.



Ok, actually, I couldn’t wait, it’s in the washer, dry pics in the morning!

It’s morning, woo! but last night’s bleaching didn’t go all that great. I let the bottom half of the shirt hang off the counter, and then sprayed… there was a distinct line where the bleaching stopped, and that made it look really silly. So of course, I tried to fix it… which resulted in it looking even worse. XD This won’t do for the gift shirt, but it was a really good learning experience! I have plans to make the next one more presentable. And it shouldn’t be too hard, either, because I saved the stencils, so hopefully won’t be cutting it out again. It was a challenging task! Good times.

Click for bigger view.







  1. Dax said,

    I’ll be okay if no one else likes it, it makes me smile and I seem to want to click on the screenshots of it every 10 seconds, grinning and wanting to own it RIGHT NOW.

    Keep up the awesome work with your fantastic blog!


  2. Ego said,

    Hey, that looks pretty cool! Looks like you got some larger-sized spotting even without trying, which looks nifty.

    Sucks about the line though – it’s noticeable although I don’t think it ruins the shirt. =]

    I am so enjoying your “adventures in craftiness!”

  3. Daniel said,

    I saw your site for the first time today. I love the design!

    Guess what race/class combination everybody in the world (of Warcraft) is Googling right now? Please tell me these are still available!

  4. Ral said,

    You know, they are making Tauren Paladins in WoW Cataclysm…

  5. Anonymous said,

    Your time to shine is now!! :D Mass-produce your t-shirt now!!! (not sure about legal matters concerning this)

    There will be a lot of Holy-Cows in WoW soon!!!!!

    On the topic: LOVE the design! :)


  6. ALECXCXS? said,

    Tauren Paladins don’t make no sense at all. Unless…UNLESS!!! Humans or Blood Elves or someone came to Mulgore after the whole happenings of the Cataclysm and started preaching about the Light! Like what happened with the Native Americans and Christianity. It’s literally identical!!!! I hate paladins and I hate Christianity… not so excited.

  7. James Murray said,

    Hello Fello Cows,

    I think this ROCKS.


  8. Chin Lorentine said,

    check it out

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