More Bleach Shirt Ideas.

September 16, 2007 at 6:53 am (Crafting, World of Warcraft)

Stencils like these for your own craft use available now at my Etsy store!

Just a few silhouettes I worked up yesterday…

sylissacheer.jpg kobold.jpgYou no take candle! picture-13.jpg mhumanlol.jpg“kek” spike.jpgSpike!
murloc.jpg checks-mandala.jpgI drew this several years ago. Could be a pain to cut out, but may pay off, if I find the right thing to put it on…. goblin2.jpg Time is money, friend! gnomehugstest.jpg Another attempt at gnomehugs?
goblinfemale3.jpgWanna see my wares? battlechicken.jpgBattleChicken!

If you have ideas for shirts, I’d love to hear it!



  1. Jessica said,

    Saro and fireball. Kablam!

  2. Ego said,

    Yay spike!! Love the detail, wowsa.

    And I recognize that draenei!!

    I bought the shirt, now I just gotta mail them off to you!

  3. Oreet said,

    Well, as I said over Gmail, a /dance shirt would be great. do it in the same style as your /flex shirt.

    but needs more Trolls.

    Also, I love anything murloc related, so maybe using that murloc you posted.

  4. Ashlen said,

    The fine lines in the /laugh one or spike probably won’t show up so much.

    And depending on where you put it, your gnomehugs idea might look like ‘s tabard.

    The recognisability of some of these is going to not be good. A’dal, it doesn’t matter so much, it looks nifty either way. The male goblin might work, especially captioned, but i’d suggest another angle. that’s the angle you’d see it from if you were noggenfogger-shrunk.

  5. Blayden said,

    The female goblin one is dirty. DIRTY!

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