Killer sweet Jack-o-Lanterns!

October 17, 2007 at 9:37 am (Uncategorized)

Hey, it’s time to check a look at all the really-awesome pumpkin carvings on teh intarwebs! I’d do some myself, but It’s such a mess, and I’m such a perfectionist, and also I have no oven to toast the seeds when I’m done, so I’m afraid pumpkin carving is right out this year. =/

But we can still gawk at others’!

Here’s some great ones, from



And Outside the Lines Art and Design has a lot of neat ones, including Beethoven, Lady Liberty, Chewie, and lots more, click the pictures to visit his pumpkin carving page…




Also, the website boasts a funny, tongue-in-cheek FAQ page about him, his work, and his beautiful, time-consuming pumpkin ‘cravings’.


If you are braver than I, and resolve to carve your own pumpkins this year, here’s some tools and tricks you can use to get the job done, with style!

First off, cleaning out the insides of your pumpkin is the ickiest part. Here’s a manly power-tool solution: The Pumpkin Gutter!


Decide how to do it and what tools to use, is good for some of that…

Then, when you’ve carved it out properly, dress it up with a color-changing light-thingy, and annoy the crap out of your neighbors, with


And when your pumpkin has served its noble purpose, give it a proper burial to avoid angering the Great Pumpkin.





  1. Spring Joy said,

    sweet! last year Forest and also i did our faces it turned out realy cool.

  2. Ego said,

    Ha, awesome! I love the dentist one!!

  3. Oreet said,


    I <3 Waldorf and Statler from The Muppet Show. :D

  4. Spring Joy said,

    this is a great post very Informational! this year i want to do some more carving like “outside the lines”. this year i want to do a Lion, Pixy, Wizard, Dragon maybe something else

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