Ghosts on Film

October 25, 2007 at 9:43 am (Oddly Intriguing)

These are some awesome pictures of ghosts that appeared on film after it was developed. I don’t put too much stock into ghost sightings, but I found these photographs very very interesting!



These photos were both taken without seeing the figures noted with the red arrows. The stories behind them are on the page where they and 14 other ghost pictures are discussed! Click here to visit the slideshow of photos.

I wonder… Would digital pictures show ghosts? I don’t think so, because they don’t require developing, and are unchanged from the moment of capturing on. Makes me want to keep a film camera around and just snap random scenes in spooky places! XD

Edit: I found this website, which is sometimes amusing, sometimes intriguing, called the Ghost Research Society. Their page of ghost photos is a joke, most of them are sooooo vague, I’m surprised that anyone would have picked out a ‘ghost’ in them. The most ridiculous one is the “man in bowler hat” photo. I just don’t see anything, sorry. =P



  1. UltraNurd said,

    No such thing as ghosts.

    I’m sure all of these can be explained by an error in the development process; someone else’s negatives got stuck to the projector or something and thus produced a superimposed image.

    Digital cameras, since they use CCDs, can have other weird effects, but I don’t think anything as coherent as a ghost image; the most common problem is that the “bucket” of charge at a pixel would overflow into neighboring pixels, causing flares around bright light sources. Maybe if there were something really wrong with your camera it would fail to clear the CCD array properly between pictures, and do some ghosting that way?

  2. Ashlen said,

    You don’t strike me as the sort to believe in ghosts, honestly. To me, ghosts are one of those things you can’t *disprove,* despite no-one having proved them. If I see one, I’ll file it under “dude, cool!” but not under “zomg they actually exist!”

    I tell story. In my old dorm, some years back, someone overdosed on something and died. It was something weird, too, not like ODing on crack, but ODing on cough syrup or something stupid like that. ANYWAY. He had a single room, so it kinda took a couple days for anyone to notice.
    That part’s all true, verifiable, newspaper acrhives, check.
    The part that may be myth- I’m citing someone who claims they know secondhand- is that people consistently would not stay in that room. They moved to apartments, dropped out, lived with their girlfriend, they would just not stay there because they were creeped out. Finally a CA said that was it, he had it, he was spending a night in the room to show it was PERFECTLY FINE.
    Reportedly he stormed out at 3 in the morning, and by the next week the furniture was taken out and the room bricked over.


  3. Hmh said,

    um… thats kinda beliveable because the pics r in black&white…. but other than that… um…… not so much

  4. Okay said,

    I’m not one to be a skeptic when it comes to ghosts as I have had experiences that you just can’t disprove no matter what you say. I would like to say, however, that because these pictures were in black and white and were probably taken a while ago, there is no way to doctor them. In the first picture, you can tell it’s an apparition because the clothing articles match the ones that the real man is wearing. And there isn’t much of a face… most of the time when you see a ghost, you don’t see full features of that ghost, just usually the outline or form of the figure. I can’t stand it when someone tries to disprove an apparition when the proof is right in front of them…

    • Ross Gallagher said,

      lol dnt thinkso you retard, mayby the guy who maid this article is fucking with you and the top pic is just ah pic of someone with a random guy in the background ???? (and the bad camera makes the guys face picelated) and the second is of a family photo of a child next to their dead gran/grandas grave with some photoshopping from someone ????

  5. Hailey said,

    The first photo actually has a verifiable story behind it. It was taken in recent years, the men taking the photo decided that because they were in tombstone arizona, and at the Boothill Cemetery there, it was only appropriate to do it in costume. It is believed that this ghost is of a Clanton,(the legendary Clanton gang who shot it out with the Erps and Doc Holliday) he is staring directly at a headstone. The story can actually be seen on the new Discovery Channel show Ghost Lab including the man who took the picture and he has the original and the negative, anyway, the guy in the forefront is alive and real, the man in the back or rather the torso is in period time clothing and was not present when the photo was taken, he is on the negative and its never been debunked. While filming Ghost Lab they did capture a “shadow figure” in the same spot on one of their investigations, and it was staring at the same headstone.

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