Ear Pointing Prodedures & a hoax link…

October 27, 2007 at 7:17 am (Oddly Intriguing)

Last year-ish, I discovered a website that showed some crazy home-surgery ear pointing procedures, and I thought the concept was cool, but the procedures a bit… um, unrefined. This is an ‘after’ picture:

earpointing1.png(The best of the after pictures, actually. And I love that little tattoo.)

the “Before” and “during” pictures are here. (some blood, fyi.)

Much to the horror of pretty much anybody I’ve ever mentioned it to, I really like this idea. I’ve always thought that pointy ears were extremely attractive, and I wouldn’t mind having them myself. But not like that, tyvm. I’d want to be sure it would turn out good, no guesswork. No hoping it would heal in an attractive way.

Well, today, I ran into a link that says a Hungarian plastic surgeon, Dr. Lajos Nagy, is successfully pointing ears in New York. So many of them, they say, that there are some clubs that won’t let you in the door without pointy ears. His site claims that he’s done over 1,000 ears, which I assume means 500 people, and that the procedure is well tolerated and the results are uniform. That’s more like it! A marketing image from his site:


I find it amusing that the website spouts some nonsense about human ear evolution and how pointy ears pick up sounds better than round ones, and it’s too bad how humans can’t turn their ears towards sounds like horses and cats… rofl. It’s about the look, silly, nobody but you is pretending otherwise. =P

He’s apparently planning to move back to europe soon, and continue his practice there.

…..I’m actually thinking about it. O_o

UPDATE: Ok, this website has been found to be a hoax! The one about the Hungarian, I mean. I wonder why they went through the trouble? The website isn’t asking for any money… Well, it doesn’t change my interest in the procedure in general. I *thought* that stuff about hearing higher pitches and junk was pretty silly sounding!



  1. Ashlen said,

    Should’ve just had them tied when you were little.

    I can move my ears up or back. or up and back. Individually. And I’ll do it when I’m eavesdropping or something. Clearly, I’m further evolved.

  2. Khandril said,

    Don’t make your appointment, yet – looks like it’s a hoax:


  3. Sy said,

    Right you are! Seems odd that someone would go through the trouble to make such a hoax, since they aren’t asking for any money, weird.

    Yeah, looking at the guys’ razor burn in the photos – they’re identical. They weren’t taken weeks apart, that’s for sure! haha!

  4. Ego said,

    Well phooey on it being a hoax. It’s got to be a real procedure though, I wonder if you could find a reputable place willing to do it…

  5. info said,

    Though that site in particular is a hoax, the procedure itself isn’t.

    I like the look of pointed ears a lot too.

    There are quite a few modification artists in the world who performed already quite a lot (but not 100ths) of them succesfully. I’d suggest you might want to contact Steve Hayworth (google) for that.

    bme.com has a members only site called IAM. There are about 60 or so members who have had similar procedures done to them. Maybe you should pay for an account (or if you have piercings or tattoos send in photos to get free membership) and meet them.

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