Haunted Transforming Portraits

October 28, 2007 at 8:20 pm (Art)

More scary/freaky/weird posts!

I found these some time ago, at www.GoreyDetails.net. Just love them, must choose one to hang in my house. They change as you walk by them, making them perfect for hallways or stairways. Here are just two examples: (click each for an animated walk-by example!)



Must have!! You see, this is why I shouldn’t have children.  *laugh*



  1. Ashlen said,

    Well, if someone saw the normal angle, without seeing the weird one, you’d have to explain why on earth you have this old-time portrait in your house.

    Thing i think you would appreciate: http://www.morbidtendencies.com/botmc-details.html

  2. Sy said,

    Ok, I FINALLY made a post about that website, Ash, sorry it took me so long! Will you look at the date on that comment! >_>

    Here’s the post on the page that she mentions: https://guildmistress.wordpress.com/2007/12/05/morbid-tendencies-unfortunate-animals-plush-toys/

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