The Glorious Return of StinkyMeat…. College style!

October 31, 2007 at 9:44 am (Oddly Intriguing, Sweet Websites)

I love pranks. Ones that aren’t too bad, anyhow. This one is perfect. *shriek of delight*

In the summer of 2000, Mahlon Smith launched (and blogged about) an experiment. In his own words:

stinkymeatsmiths.png This is what happened in the summer of 2000 when I took 3 kinds of meat, 19 days, and 1,000,000 maggots, and stuck them in the yard of my unwitting neighbor.

Of course, the neighbor eventually found the meat in his yard. Fortunately, I wasn’t arrested – so I was free to do it all over again the following summer.

This site answers burning scientific questions, such as:

  • “Where do maggots come from?”
  • “What’s that smell?”
  • “How long can a plate of rotting meat sit in a neighbor’s yard without him noticing and calling the police?”

Smith’s website was a bit of a sensation, and had some profound effects on certain segments of the internet population, most notably “little boys”. ^_^ Hehe. Today, these little boys are in college, and they’ve… well… here’s what they have to say, on their blog, “The Glorious Return of StinkyMeat…. College style!”

This blog is a tribute to the great Mahlon Smith. … We have set out to continue the saga within the hallow halls of our very own Tufts University in Medford, MA. However, this time the scientific analysis of Stinkymeat is going to be taken to the next level. While the previous experiments took place outdoors and had to withstand the forces of nature, our Stinkymeat plate is to be placed in a completely controlled environment. A perfect test chamber, if you will–one that is that is dark, moist, and poorly ventilated.

stinkymeatcollegelocation.pngYes, your worst suspicions are indeed correct: we will be conducting our experiment above a shower stall in a Tufts dorm. This particular shower is located in a building adjacent to our own, in a suite populated by our arch-enemies. In this way, we will not only be examining the rate of decay of various meats. We will also be testing the amount of time it takes before a group of unwitting residents try to seek out the source of an unbearable odor in their bathroom.

As we add posts on a daily basis, we encourage all of our readers to make comments and suggestions!

stinkymeatcollegeplate2.pngMy friends, this experiment is going on as you read these words. That’s right! I think today is day 7, and I await the photos and stories of day 8 with bated breath! They have to visit that dorm’s bathroom daily, to get photos of the rotting meat, and see how bad the smell is, and they almost got caught yesterday!!! It’s ever so exciting. My RSS feed is waiting to grab their next post! Check out The Glorious Return of StinkyMeat…. College style! yourself and feel free to comment both here and there about it!


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  1. Kanten said,

    Stinky meat is evil! Brings back two memories. A rotting possum under the house that I’m currently living in, took almost a week to finally discover the source of the smell and get someone to go under the house to pull it out! Then it reminded me of a taiwanese student during my freshmen year in college. He’d poop on a plate and leave it in guy’s room when they would be gone for the weekend. I once walked into a room he did that to. Nasty!!! The taiwanese thought it was the best thing ever, laughing maniacally.

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