Holy snot, this girl can skate

November 8, 2007 at 10:24 am (Oddly Intriguing)

This is a short video of a sport I was unaware of: Inline skating freestyle slalom. O_o

The skill in this video is amazing. She just stands there for a minute at the beginning, skip ahead to -1:40 to get to the action. (That’s about 2/5 of the way through the video.)

Amazing stuff! Neatorama said: “Xu Xinyu of China won first place in the the freestyle rollerblading slalom at the JeonJu Slalom in Korea last month. I didn’t find her age officially listed, but a commenter at YouTube said she is eleven years old. This video is her winning performance. The music is Exodus by Maksim.”



  1. Michelle said,

    I kept holding my breath, “OMG She’s gonna hit one… whew! Ah! whew! GAH! whew!… *covers eyes* WOW!”

  2. Eric said,

    You can see dudes doing that every weekend in Central Park.

  3. Spring Joy said,

    Wow that is awsome! lets hear it for the Girls!

  4. Kanten said,

    That girl is indeed rubber jointed.

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