Adventures with Sy: Asian Market

November 16, 2007 at 9:00 pm (Funny, My Outings, Of interest to Foodies)

I had to get my wonderful awesome car lubed today, in preparation for our yearly trek to Boise, ID for thanksgiving with some extended family. It’s fun! But it meant I had to slouch around while they changed the oil in the car, no fun. But this time, I’d noticed on my way there, there was a large asian market across the street that I’d never noticed before, despite the obvious signs that it’d always been there. I strode in confidently, and immediately headed to one side of the store to inspect items in one the refrigerator cases against the wall, out of sight of the store management. My anti-touristy instinct is so strong that I won’t even allow shop managers to know how awe-stricken I am with all the other-worldly wonders contained in their shop. =P

Safely out of view of the shopkeepers, I looked around wide eyed, and just started inspecting everything, regardless of my likelihood to purchase/consume the products in front of me. I looked around for a bit, but then I realized I was really missing out on a fun opportunity to write a blog post about the neat/funny things I saw! So I started snapping cellphone pics of anything that struck me as cute/neat/funny/arousing (yes, arousing, hold on, you’ll see haha) and I’d blog about it! Made the outing much more interesting.

First up is some adorable cuttlefish I found in the freezer case. Just look at them! Tell me they’re not adorable!?


Then on to this mystery purple stuff, the ingredient list included cucumber, eggplant, “Beefsteak Plant” and ginger, but clearly, it’s some high-class stuff, because the shipment was apparently re-routed on its way to the emperor’s palace. o_o


More purple stuff:


I just like to read the label. “sweet purple yam jam” “sweet purple yam jam” “sweet purple yam jam” >_>

Another case contained be-plastic-bagged bottles of mayo. We’ve got your Horseradish Mayo… your Wasabi Mayo….. your -cheese- Mayo?! mmmmkay!


This bag didn’t get translated correctly, the food is clearly triangular.



By far the most shocking item at the store… one would think that if you’re going to market a human-flavored food, one would do it in a slightly more subtle way…


Petey wouldn’t touch Pocky with a ten-foot pole. Way to girly. But then they started making MANLY pocky…. Petey bought a whole case of it to prove how manly he really was. Also, the picture on this box…. I am confused and aroused.


(rofl) (btw, it says “Bitter Chocolate” under “Men’s”)

I’ve recently learned about Furikake, thanks to Whiska…. and I found a WHOLE LOT of it at this store, just look at it! The Furikake harvest must have been plentiful this year….


I found some either chili or curry powder-flavored Sour Patch Kids. You heard me. You try it first. *shoves it at you*


I couldn’t think of a good argument against this marketing slogan. So I had to buy one.


Just what I’ve always wanted…. Hard Candy Mines! Great for children in war-torn countries.


I’m positive there isn’t near enough alcohol in these snack drinks to justify the name.


And finally, my personal favorite…. the choice to place the uncolored Rock Candy on the shelf Right Next to the “White Alum” in crystallized chunks. (it’s hard to see the alum in this picture, but it looks clear, and …. well… like sugar in a big crystal hunk) –Dangerous, but strangely hysterical. Nice going, there, with the placement. asianmktalum.jpg

No offense to Asian stores or the culture at large, I love the culture, and I love these stores, that’s why I go. My big treasure this time was a really awesome brand of hard candy, they have a great Lychee flavor, it’s juicy and good, and has just the proper amount of “perfumy-ness” to accurately echo the real fruit (Which is maddeningly difficult to get my paws on around here….)


SO good. Oh man. I ate one, walking back to my auto place, and I had to turn around and get back there to buy 4 more bags. o_o

It was fun! Hope you enjoyed the post! ^_^



  1. Oreet said,

    I <3 going to asian groceries.

  2. Rhayne said,

    “Also, the picture on this box…. I am confused and aroused.”





  3. Spring Joy said,

    i love going to my Asian store it is so small but has a lot of things in it. no Rock candy though :-(

    All this looks soo fun!
    i wish i could have gone with you.

    Pocky is so good!

  4. ladyjess said,

    Now I stumbled over here from Ego’s blog, and I’m now repeated sweet purple yam jam to myself…really, it’s amusing. I might make it my morning pick me up. Great post:)

  5. ladyjess said,

    oh and also, i’m going to add you to my reads at I’m always looking for interesting blogs:) (because mine is boring)

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