Morbid Tendencies: “Unfortunate Animals” Plush Toys

December 5, 2007 at 9:54 am (Art, Crafting, Funny, Oddly Intriguing)

Props to Ashlen/Megs/Cantras for showing me the way to this website!

Cat Grey creates the most wonderful horrible stuffed animals and …. things…. out of existing stuffed animals.



Need I say more?

Page to visit:

“Something dreadful in the mail each month to brighten your life. I encourage you to have them delivered to your office.” rofl!

You absolutely must scroll down to the part that says

"Here are some examples of the styles you may choose
          for your Unfortunate Animal

etc. The pictures and tongue-in-cheek descriptions are priceless!

More links to her website:

Main Page:


Art you cannot Purchase: Note: Mostly made with bones and dead things



  1. Tobias said,

    Awesome Idea :). Really cool!

  2. Cat Grey said,

    There I was, minding my own business, when a gnasher persian looked up from washing itself in the closet and told me a talented clothing modifyer was saying nice things about me. Needless to say I looked and lo! There you are! Not that said kit-cat was timely, but there you go….
    OK, that said, please do not get smaller. You look fabitty right now, and there’s no-one to prove to me you would look better if reduced. I am inclined to doubt it.
    If you die, can I have your Gorey shirt?

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