Rainbow T-shirt skirt Completed!

March 15, 2008 at 10:48 pm (Crafting)

I think this took me 10 hours to make. It would have been less were I not so inexperienced with sewing. >_< It was rather painful, since I did it all either on the floor or on my bed – sizing, positioning, pinning, and even when I was using the sewing machine that was sitting on the tv tray, I was all hunched over trying to be sure I was doing everything right. I think I’ll need a week just to recover, physically!

But it was worth it! =D I am so pleased with it. I’m having trouble figuring out what top I should wear with it, though…



zomigosh dramatic Sy: (You know, looking at this photo again, I’m noticing that I look a LOT older in this pic than in most others. The lighting, and angle and everything seem to add 10 years. Interesting! I wonder if I’ll look more and more like this as I age. Kind of angular in the face. I wonder if, when I lose weight as I plan, if my face will get angular like this! Anyhow, end rambling…. =)


I hand-sewed the panel to fill in the neck hole of the yellow (1982 World’s Fair) shirt:




Here’s the progression of the mock-ups involved:

dsc02193.jpg dsc02192.jpgdsc02195.jpgskirtmock_up.jpg

I’ll yammer more about this skirt later, but I’m sleepy, it’s midnight!


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