Rainbow reconstructed T-shirt Skirt actually, really completed. For reals.

March 17, 2008 at 8:02 am (Crafting)

AVAILABLE ON ETSY:  http://Mellonea.etsy.com

Ok, hubby really liked the mock-up with the hearts on it, so I decided to go ahead and add them.



The point here was to make it look like the hearts are actually cutouts, showing the layer below. Obviously, I botched the bottom row of hearts. But whatever, I rolled with it, it’s all good. The back was more true-to-form. Neverming the whitish splotches, they’re dust from the floor.


This one is full-length, to give me a chance to brag on my awesomesauce Naaru shirt. And look how it matches so well! =P




I used “Liquid Stitch” to affix the hearts. It’s supposed to be machine washable and all that. We shall see.



Well, there we have it. Finally completed! I’ll have to add some pics later of me actually wearing it out. ^_^

If you like it, or have comments, or ideas, please post comments! If I don’t get any comments, it makes me sad. =P



  1. Ann said,

    Love it.

  2. spring said,

    clap clap clap that is so Beautiful!!!!
    i love the hearts and i totaly thought they were cutouts :-)

    :-) this looks so good on you :-)

    Good Job!

  3. Mary said,

    I love this! It looks great on you, and so unique.

  4. cecima said,

    this is instant-fav!
    keep on crafting~

  5. linden said,

    you’re really talented..just found you on craftster and was wondering if you could give me some pointers on how to make my own? i just got a second hand sewing machine for £10 and havent used it yet but have loads of old tshirts. linden x

  6. Lynn said,

    This skirt is sooo SHARP~!!!!!!

  7. jackie o said,

    can you tell me how you sewed the layers together? i have been trying to make something simmilar but don’t understand. help!

  8. Dulcie Buggy said,

    check it out

  9. 昊奇音樂 said,

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