New Design: A Wipe of Murlocs

March 22, 2008 at 8:15 am (Crafting, Funny, World of Warcraft)


My newest design! =D  The idea for this came from a story I heard of the Mellonea/Unbroken Alliance running SSC, and 3 groups of murlocs were pulled. They all died heroically, and as they returned, laughing, from the wipe, they discussed what a ‘group’ of murlocs would be called. You know, a “Collective Noun”.  A Pride of Lions, a Gaggle of geese, a pod of Dolphins, a school of fish.

A …… wipe….. of Murlocs?    It stuck!

And thus is born this t-shirt.   Does it make sense/is it funny for those of you who weren’t there, and didn’t hear the joke? =D



  1. spring said,

    Funny :-)

  2. Pim said,

    Wipe is inextricable bound to murlocs, in that way it makes sense, though 1 murloc can make me wipe/flee in terror but 1 murloc doesn’t make a ‘wipe of murlocs’…it should ;D

  3. Loire said,

    oh my god :) This T-shirt is a NEEEED! ;)

  4. Sarah Breckon said,

    i will pay good money for this shirt.
    give me a way to make an order and i’ll do it :)

  5. Aaron Smith said,


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