Silpat Euphoria!

November 13, 2008 at 1:23 pm (Uncategorized)

My local grocery, Fred Meyer’s, had a buy one get one free sale on “Kitchen Gadgets”. When I realized that Silpats were considered gadgets, I bought FOUR. These suckers are $20 each, and I’ve never been able to stomach the price before, but this finally pushed me over the edge. SILPAT EUPHORIA! =D =D

Silpats are a glass weave embedded in silicon. One side is a bit bumpy, the other is smooth as glass. They’re tacky to the touch, and attract all the lint in your home, (=P) and their uses are many! The most common one is to place them on your cookie sheet, and bake with it. No greasing, flouring, or parchment paper ever needed again. It’s basically permanent parchment paper. Also, you can knead and roll out doughs on it, pour 300 degree molten hard candy or peanut brittle or toffee onto it, to be worked with, or set up. Pretty much the ultimate non-stick surface. I’m so thrilled to finally have some of these in my kitchen!

A few SILPAT links: The Silpat home page:

Very short Wiki article on SIlpat:

A blogger’s experiences with starting to use Silpats: She says I should bake them alone first, to rid them of possible smoking/factory residue! Glad I read that! =D It looks like (s)he’s using a model of Silpat that I haven’t seen for sale. Apparently both sides are a bit bumpy on his. On mine, there’s a bumpy side and a glassy side.

A very good page that has many many Silpat comments from users.


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  1. brian said,

    Hi Sy, It’s a he ;-) only one side of my silpat mats is a little bumpy, the top side, where the printing is, is fairly smooth. I bought mine at Williams Sonoma in the late 1990s and they sat in a drawer for a years before I really started to play with them, which may explain why you don’t see the exact same model I have. Perhaps newer models are pre-baked, but I’d still recommend a food-free run in the oven before using.

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