About Sy

Sy is short for Sykora, Synovae, Sylissa, Syrasha, Synka, and a few several other character names that I go by in World of Warcraft. I’m the guildmistress of a fairly successful large Roleplaying guild on the RP server “Kirin Tor” since Nov 2005.

I’m an entrepreneur with two years of college, and my latest stunt is getting my insurance license with the state, so I can sell Mortgage Protection (life). I want to live at least a few years in Hawaii, and I want to travel the world. Flying in planes is just about my favorite thing ever. I love airports. Yeah, I’m weird, I know.

I am married, and plan to have no children. I have slight goth fashion tendencies. I like to wear black, do not wear makeup at all, am a health nut (in a way), I am sensitive to chemicals and fragrances, I work out each morning at 5am. Even so, I am *not* really a morning person.

I suffer from depression that I’m on meds for, and the depression is very incompatible with my natural bubbly personality, so it’s a weird thing. Apathy is one of my main symptoms, and this blog is intended to help with that, for a time, at least.

I intend to feature in the blog the neat things I find online, to post articles about subjects that I have strong opinions on, and to spread awareness about certain issues to my friends. I’ve got more, but you’re probably done. =)

My WoW Characters, in no particular order:

Syrasha the Draenei Mage, 28

Syrasha Sneaky

Sylissa the Drae Huntress & Spike the tallstrider, her companion. 46

Spike and Lissa

Felaura the Night Elf Rogue, 70

Fel Surprised

Sykora the Night Elf Priestess, 63, My original WoW Character and the Leader of the guild, in roleplaying.

Sy animated

And this is my “Fursona” even though I’m not actually involved in Furry culture, I have a friend who made this character from scratch just for me! I love it. She’s a green and black Raccoon. I still need to name her….

Edit: I think I’ve decided to name her Syssa. (“SEE-suh”).

Sy raccoon

And, of course, the real me.

Sy for reals

Note the lack of long elven ears or green fur. It’s really a shame.



  1. Danita Kuchera said,

    Heya. : ) You may not remember me, but I made a little gnome mage named Empyrean on Kirin Tor to come talk to you about some of your bleaching techniques. You gave me an e-mail address, and told me to make a Gmail account so we could chat more, but I didn’t get around to it until recently, when my e-mail account at yahoo got hacked.

    I’ve logged into Kirin Tor a couple times to see if I could get your Gmail address again, but it looks like you may not be playing anymore, so I figured maybe you would find a message here. :D Please e-mail me at empy3.live@gmail.com if you find the time, I am still loving your T-shirts, and had a stencil I wanted to offer up for use if you were interested. Keep making bee-yoo-tiful arts!

  2. Lizaroo said,

    I was wondering if I could use some of your silouettes for my pumpkin carving this year? I have been looking around trying to find anything that might remotely resemble a template and failing miserably lol, but I have a couple ideas and some of the “all black” images you have on your page would be cute.
    Let me know if that’s ok.
    If the pumpkins turn out actually decent i might submit them to Blizzard for once lol
    my email addy is yaderita@yahoo.com or lbodenhoef@gmail.com
    my name is Liz
    and toon is Keona on Staghelm Server, alliance side

  3. Anonymous said,

    In WoW: Cataclysm you may finally see your furry character Syssa “comes to life” as female worgen :)

  4. Stef said,

    Hi Sy,

    I would love to use the Damask motif you posted but the link to the ia file is not working.
    Do you think you could possibly email it to me?

    Thank you!!

  5. Claude Hluska said,

    check it out

  6. 昊奇音樂 said,

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