New Design: A Wipe of Murlocs

March 22, 2008 at 8:15 am (Crafting, Funny, World of Warcraft)


My newest design! =D  The idea for this came from a story I heard of the Mellonea/Unbroken Alliance running SSC, and 3 groups of murlocs were pulled. They all died heroically, and as they returned, laughing, from the wipe, they discussed what a ‘group’ of murlocs would be called. You know, a “Collective Noun”.  A Pride of Lions, a Gaggle of geese, a pod of Dolphins, a school of fish.

A …… wipe….. of Murlocs?    It stuck!

And thus is born this t-shirt.   Does it make sense/is it funny for those of you who weren’t there, and didn’t hear the joke? =D


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Bleach project: Pillowcases: Sleepytime in Azeroth

February 23, 2008 at 8:21 pm (Crafting, Funny, World of Warcraft)

I made these pillowcases and then bleached them with the sleeping figures of Azeroth races! Yes, yes, I am a geek. Stop sniggering, look at the pictures! =D






Sleepytime in Azeroth: Horde Edition!


Yes, I use a teeny tiny pillow. Isn’t it cute?


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Morbid Tendencies: “Unfortunate Animals” Plush Toys

December 5, 2007 at 9:54 am (Art, Crafting, Funny, Oddly Intriguing)

Props to Ashlen/Megs/Cantras for showing me the way to this website!

Cat Grey creates the most wonderful horrible stuffed animals and …. things…. out of existing stuffed animals.



Need I say more?

Page to visit:

“Something dreadful in the mail each month to brighten your life. I encourage you to have them delivered to your office.” rofl!

You absolutely must scroll down to the part that says

"Here are some examples of the styles you may choose
          for your Unfortunate Animal

etc. The pictures and tongue-in-cheek descriptions are priceless!

More links to her website:

Main Page:


Art you cannot Purchase: Note: Mostly made with bones and dead things

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