Ur bref stank! How to curb the smellehs: Nullo, Bodymint

December 28, 2007 at 11:40 am (Health Issues, My Propaganda)

Hey, you stink. You know you do. If you don’t have BO issues, then you probably have Artificial Fragrance issues, which is just as bad.

Hey, I can admit it, I stink. Especially now that I’m working out a lot, skipping showers is not an option, and some clothes that have polyester content retain unsavory smells and make me sad. I also hate using deodorant. Oh, I do use it, but I detest it. I can’t find a good one that meets my stringent health standards, and doesn’t have a strong smell to it, nullo.pngnatural or otherwise. Can’t I just be scent-free?

Well… maaaaaaybe……

I was surfing the other day, (I’m pretty sure it was on a wow gaming website, and the top bar had this drawing of a stout nerd wrapped up in coat and scarf, with unkempt hair, and smell marks wafting off of him, haha) and I saw this ad for Nullo, something that said it could deodorize you from the inside out. ORLY, I said to myself. I was sure it was either a gimmick or unhealthy to take. After cruising the Nullo Website, however, I wasn’t so sure. This product has been around since, like, they invented dirt. And people swear by it, saying it works! Hmmm. I tagged it in my del.icio.us, and went looking for other sources of info on the stuff.

naturessunshinechlorophyll.pngMainly, it’s Chlorophyll. Sounds healthy enough. And it’s true that doctors have been suggesting it for years, for patients who have to poo through a tube that comes out of their abdomen, and it works to curb smells for those people. Hunters also use it to deodorize themselves so the deer don’t sniff ’em.

I found the Nature’s Sunshine website, and they seem to have a good thing going with their supplements, so I ordered some of their chlorophyll product. A month supply for me and my hubby, we’re trying it out! If we’re not satisfied with the results after a month, I’m moving on to BodyMint, abodymint.png newer company who’s jumping on the internal deodorant bandwagon, and taking it into the next century. They’re newer, hipper, and have a great marketing department.

I’ve been taking the Chlorophyll gelcaps for 4 days now, I’ll keep you posted on whether it works for me or not!


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I’m addicted to Caffeine. Maybe. (Update)

September 23, 2007 at 5:45 pm (Health Issues)

Well, I’ve been paying attention, this last week…

Seems like it takes about 1.5 to 2 days for my headaches to kick in, after the last dose of caffeine. A pretty small dose of caffeine totally kills a caffeine headache.

And yesterday, I noticed that my other, non-caffeinated energy drink might actually be a strong catalyst for my headaches. I’m still investigating that. I drank some, and wham, the tiny headache just blossomed almost instantly. That was weird. Still need to check that out.

So I’m at 1.3 days without caffeine atm, and I’m on asparin for the pain. Regular aspirin seems to be working just fine. Tomorrow, I’ll work out in the morning with no energy drink at all, but in the afternoon or evening, I’ll let the aspirin wear off, and then take some of my non-caffeinated energy drink and see what happens. It’s kinda hard to test out what it does to me, if I’m on aspirin all the time, except for the test, hmm. Not sure how that’ll work out.

Not a terribly riveting update, but I thought I should post something.

UPDATE II: Sept 25th, 6AM

2.5 Days with no Caffeine, Last time I had some was Sat. Afternoon. I did forget yesterday about chocolate, and I ate the chocolate coating off of a mini-size candy bar. It was very thin chocolate, not like the thick coating of a snickers bar. Anyhoo. This morning, I took a full-strength dose of that other energy drink, [in preparation for the workout that I didn’t do, due to some chick being on my machine at the gym (Long story =P)], and it doesn’t seem to be giving me a headache at all, so that’s good!

UDDATE III: October 25th

Well, I was off caffeine for a while, and I did get at least two more headaches of “that type”. They didn’t seem to be related to the last time I’d had caffeine, tho. Hmm. I haven’t had any of those headaches for a few weeks now. I also haven’t had any depression at all for several weeks now, which is awesome. But I never had headaches all through the most-of-the-year that my depression was the worst, tho. So that’s probably not related. I’m back to using caffeine casually now, and actually right at this time, every morning, since I’m out of my ‘new’ workout drink, I’ve gone back to my old one. If there’s anything to report, I’ll report it!

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I’m addicted to Caffeine. Maybe.

September 18, 2007 at 8:38 pm (Health Issues)

So I’ve been having these headaches. Not real bad headaches, but plenty enough to upset me and/or annoy me, by turns. Kind of this nagging headache that would ebb and flow, and, paired with my apathy lately, it’s been a real bummer. Been going on for about two weeks, thereabouts.

Now, I don’t get headaches. Hardly ever. I’ve never had a migraine, I’ve never had a problem with headaches at all, ever in my life. I do get them on rare occasions, and it is on these occasions that I tend to feel very sorry for myself, even though the pain is probably very mild, to a seasoned headache sufferer, anyway.

But lately, these headaches. And they’ve seemed to be motion headaches. As opposed to brightness headaches, or your standard doesn’t-matter-what-I-do aches. Getting up, sitting down, walking around, is when I’d notice them the most.

I just couldn’t put my finger on why. Why would I be getting these? I’ve been drinking water like it’s going outta style. I’ve been eating fine. Not taking any strange supplements. No new additions to my diet or personal care product regime. Everything was pretty much the same as it’s always been. I’d been working out slightly less than ‘usual’, sleeping slightly less well than ‘usual’. Nothing drastic. I didn’t want to believe it could be my medication, because that’s been constant for quite some time, I don’t want it to be doing odd things to me all sudden-like.

I got to talking about all this today with a friend, and he said it sounded like a caffeine withdrawal to him. I balked at this, -I don’t drink caffeine! Not hardly any, anyhow.

But then I thought about it a bit harder. I do drink the occasional Mt. Dew. And sometimes I still take the powdered natural energy drink when I need a pick-me-up on a sleepy afternoon, since I don’t drink coffee. Wait. “Still” take it… I used to take more. I used to take a half dose of it every morning before my workout. First thing, 4:50 AM, before any food or anything. nearly every day. I stopped that about……. two-ish weeks ago. When I got a new energy drink to try. The new stuff doesn’t contain any caffeine. The old stuff contains “just a little”.

We got to talking about that, and I got to wondering exactly how much caffeine is in my old drink. I was told when first introduced to the product that it didn’t contain a lot. I saw the amount, but I didn’t have anything to compare it to, so I figured it wasn’t alot, and never thought about it again. So I went back to check.

Turns out, this stuff has, in a full dose, as much caffeine as a Red Bull, or a stiff cuppa joe. 80mg. True, I’d only take a half-dose, but that’s 40-ish mg of it every morning, and then some afternoons. Here’s what the website says about it: [Green tea leaf extract (90 mg epigallocatechin gallate and 80 mg naturally-occurring caffeine)] I visited wikipedia’s entry on caffeine, to find out what coffee had in it, and coffee runs from 40 to 100mg of caffeine, and Red Bull has 80mg.

Said friend’s wife is sensitive to caffeine, and goes through terrible withdrawals based on small dosages. He himself can drink cups and cups of coffee a day and then go cold turkey with seemingly no effect. So people have quite a range of responses to this stuff.

After realizing this, (That the energy drink I used to take did indeed have measurable amounts of caffeine in it) I went and grabbed a handy can of Mt. Dew: Gamer Fuel, which has extra caffeine in it. A few slurps later, and my headache vanished. I mean, gone. Since it had been a motion headache, I did a test. I put my head between my knees for a good 30 seconds, then stood up suddenly and walked into the next room, bouncing with every step. No pain. O_o

So, the plan currently is: I’m going to use caffeine like a medicine for several days, taking it when I get a headache, if it comes back. If it continues to chase the pain away, then I’m going to go off caffeine cold turkey, and take aspirin or advil for the pain, and just push through the tough time, which should be 5 days-ish. No soda, no energy drinks, no tea, no chocolate. Nothin’. If, after that time, I still have pain, then perhaps I have a different problem.

So that’s the theory! I’ll keep my lovely readers updated. =)

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