Starcraft Marines are coming to Real Life!

December 5, 2007 at 8:43 am (Oddly Intriguing, Tech Geekery)

Sarcos, a Utah robotics company, has working 6 years on this particular product: Suits for soldiers that will provide extra strength, endurance, and protection. Lifting weights becomes easy, and it’s so agile, you can stand on one foot, or gently toss a ball with a friend. I highly recommend watching the CNN video report on it!

starcraftmarine.png starcraftmarine2.png


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The demystification of the RSS feed

September 7, 2007 at 10:01 pm (Tech Geekery, Web 2.0 Must-haves)

Come closer, my children, and I will tell you of another place and time.

[cue music: wierd398x5.trifile]

A time so long distant, that datalink users manipulated manual input devices to interface with their archaic machines, in a loud clatter of buttons and clicking.

[ancient clicking sound effects]

But into their unsophisticated world, there came a change. Before this change, users were forced to navigate themselves through the “web” to check on their valuable sources of data, looking for updates and new content. [more clicking] They would hunt like this for hours, wasting time being side-tracked and endless click, click, clicking.

[more irregular tapping noises, becoming slower and slower. they seem to nearly stop, then…]

But then the change occurred. A new technology was born that was the dawn of a new era.

[cue music: intrepiddawn32.trifile]

They called it “syndication” and “newsfeeds”. Finally, they forced their rudimentary version of the datalink to work for them, bringing to them the information they required. New content traveled the “intertubes” to the user, filed itself in an organized manner, and waited for their hungry eyes to consume it at their leisure.

It was a dark time, but the “RSS feed” was a glimmer of order and reason in their barbaric world of confusion and anarchy.

A short video that explains in very simple terms what an RSS feed is, what it can do for you, and how to set one up easily:

If you use Firefox to browse the web, I would probably recommend using the built-in reader. This page contains reviews of the better-known Firefox plug-ins that can better manage your RSS feeds. I found it informative!

rssfirefox.png(If you don’t use Firefox to browse the web, good heavens, go download it.)

I’ve found RSS feeds to be easy to use, and simple to set up. If you have any trouble at all, ask a tech-y friend, and they should get it cleared up right away. RSS feeds are awesome. And you can do some unusual things with them too, like I have some set up with craigslist, and they keep an eye on a certain search term for me, and if any item is ever listed for sale that matches the search, it will come to me in an RSS feed. It’s super-handy. I think you can set up search alerts this way with e-bay too, and probably other sites as well. So it’s definitely for more than blogs!

Oh, and like… sign up for my blog’s RSS feed! >_>




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Tesla Coils! Tech Geekery at its finest.

September 6, 2007 at 6:36 pm (Oddly Intriguing, Tech Geekery)

Singing Tesla Coil at Duckon 2007

The above Tesla coil was programed to spark within the range of human hearing, and it plays a song! So cool. (You might want to turn your speakers down and then adjust up, it’s loud and crackley)

A duet of Tesla coils sing the Mario Bros theme. It’s really neat! I like to listen to this one.

The above is a long, techno-geek-babble filled explanation of how this is done; I watched the whole thing, but I’d recommend watching the first couple of minutes, until your eyes begin to glaze over, then skipping ahead to the place where they pan over so you can see the keyboard. The bits about the fiber optic connection between the keyboard and the coil are really interesting.

If you visit This YouTube page, and click on “More Videos From This Channel” there on the right, you will see a wide selection of songs that the duet of Tesla coils sing. The Tetris theme, woo!


I found a really cool article about tesla coils here: Hacker Friendly



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