Ur bref stank! How to curb the smellehs: Nullo, Bodymint

December 28, 2007 at 11:40 am (Health Issues, My Propaganda)

Hey, you stink. You know you do. If you don’t have BO issues, then you probably have Artificial Fragrance issues, which is just as bad.

Hey, I can admit it, I stink. Especially now that I’m working out a lot, skipping showers is not an option, and some clothes that have polyester content retain unsavory smells and make me sad. I also hate using deodorant. Oh, I do use it, but I detest it. I can’t find a good one that meets my stringent health standards, and doesn’t have a strong smell to it, nullo.pngnatural or otherwise. Can’t I just be scent-free?

Well… maaaaaaybe……

I was surfing the other day, (I’m pretty sure it was on a wow gaming website, and the top bar had this drawing of a stout nerd wrapped up in coat and scarf, with unkempt hair, and smell marks wafting off of him, haha) and I saw this ad for Nullo, something that said it could deodorize you from the inside out. ORLY, I said to myself. I was sure it was either a gimmick or unhealthy to take. After cruising the Nullo Website, however, I wasn’t so sure. This product has been around since, like, they invented dirt. And people swear by it, saying it works! Hmmm. I tagged it in my del.icio.us, and went looking for other sources of info on the stuff.

naturessunshinechlorophyll.pngMainly, it’s Chlorophyll. Sounds healthy enough. And it’s true that doctors have been suggesting it for years, for patients who have to poo through a tube that comes out of their abdomen, and it works to curb smells for those people. Hunters also use it to deodorize themselves so the deer don’t sniff ’em.

I found the Nature’s Sunshine website, and they seem to have a good thing going with their supplements, so I ordered some of their chlorophyll product. A month supply for me and my hubby, we’re trying it out! If we’re not satisfied with the results after a month, I’m moving on to BodyMint, abodymint.png newer company who’s jumping on the internal deodorant bandwagon, and taking it into the next century. They’re newer, hipper, and have a great marketing department.

I’ve been taking the Chlorophyll gelcaps for 4 days now, I’ll keep you posted on whether it works for me or not!



  1. spring fisk said,

    is it working? :-)

  2. Sy said,

    Meh, not really. Not that I stunk that bad to start with, but no: I can’t go without deoderant without noticing a little, even on these products.

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